UConn Health has begun the process of resuming routine appointments and elective procedures, and we are committed to creating the safest possible environment for our patients, employees, and visitors.

Collection of Specimen COVID-19 (NP and OP)

  • Open the individual collection package that contains the swab and Viral Transport Medium tube. Set the tube aside before beginning to collect the specimen.
  • Open the collection swab wrapper by peeling open the top of the wrapper.
  • Remove the swab, taking care not to touch the tip of the swab or lay it down.
  • Hold the swab in your hand, placing your thumb and forefinger in the middle of the swab shaft across the scoreline.
  • Gently insert the swab into the nostril. Keep the swab near the septum floor of the nose while gently pushing the swab into the post nasopharynx.
  • As a visual reference, the swab should be inserted about half the distance from the opening of the patient’s nostril and the ear. Rotate the swab several times.
  • Insert another swab into the oropharynx. Rub the swab over the area, avoid touching the tongue or roof of the mouth.
  • Place the two swabs in the viral transport media tube
  • Identifying the scoreline, break the swab shaft against the side of the tube.
  • Discard the top portion of the swab shaft.
  • Replace the cap onto the tube after placing the two swabs and close tightly.