Mental Health Services

The mental health department is comprised of 10 psychiatrists, 14 psychologists, seven mental health nurse practitioners, 64 social workers, and 20 professional counselors (as of June 2016).

Mental health services are comprehensive from admission to discharge, and focus on access to care and outreach, screening and assessment, identification, treatment planning, classification, provision of distinct levels of service and continuity of care upon discharge to the community.

A complete suicide assessment is done for every first-time admission and for every related referral.

Fifteen facilities provide outpatient mental health services; 10 of the 15 correctional facilities have inpatient mental health infirmaries; four facilities offer supportive congregate housing; six facilities offer specialized sex offender services including York Correctional Institution for women.

Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, severe personality disorders, traumatic brain injury, and addictive disorders are overrepresented in this population.