Lab Facilities & Equipment

CO2 incubator, Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific™, Model: Heracell™ VIOS 160i.

Light Inverted microscope, Manufacturer: Olympus, Model: CKX41.

Automatic oven, Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific, Model: Heratherm OGS60

PCR Workstation, Manufacturer: EdgeGARD, Model: 522, 742

Vacuum oven, Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific, Model: 3608-5

Ultra Turrax Digital Homogenizer (Mixer), Manufacturer: IKA, Model: 3720001 T-18




Stirrer plate, Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific, Model: SP88857200

HPLC, Manufacturer: Agilent Infinity II, Model: 1220

DSC, Manufacturer: DSC, Model: DSC Q100

NanoDrop OneC Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer w/ Cuvette, Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific, Model: NanoDrop One

FT-IR Spectrometer, Manufacturer: ThermoFisher, Model: Nicolet iS10

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Manufacturer: SHIMADZU, Model: UVmini-1240

 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific, Model: GENESYS 10S

 Real-Time PCR Detection System, Manufacturer: BIO-RAD, Model: MyiQ2 Two-Color

Freeze Dryer, Manufacturer: LABCONCO, Model: 7934040

C-Arm Mobile X-Ray machine, Manufacturer: OEC, Model: MINI6600

-80C freezer, Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific, Model: EXF60086D

Liquid Nitrogen cryo storage tank, Manufacturer: Thermolyne, Model: Locator 8



Ultracentrifuge, Manufacturer: BECKMAN COULTER, Model: LE-80K

Trans-Blot Turbo Starter system for western blot analysis, Manufacturer: BIO-RAD, Model: PowerPAC HC

Microcentrifuge, Manufacturer: ThermoFisher, Model: Legend Micro 21R

Microcentrifuge, Manufacturer: Eppendorf, Model: Centrifuge 5424

Digital Stirrer, Manufacturer: Caframo Universal, Model: Wilmad-LabGlass - LG-9590-108

Bright Filed and Fluorescence Inverted Microscope, Manufacturer: Leica, Model: DMi8

Bright Filed and Fluorescence Inverted Microscope, Manufacturer: ZEIZZ, Model: 095553

Milli-Q Water Purification System, Manufacturer: Millipore, Integral 5

Centrifuge, Manufacturer, Eppendorf, Model: Centrifuge 5810

Uniaxial, coaxial and triaxial electrospinning setup, Manufacturer: SyringePump, Model: NE-300

Viscometer, Manufacturer: BROOLFIELD, Model: DV1

3D-BIOPLOTTER, Manufacturer: envisionTEC, Model: Manufacturer Series


Ultra-Sonication machine, Manufacturer SONICS, Model: Vibra Cell VCX 500

Rheology machine, Manufacturer: Discovery, Model: HR-2

Instron machine, Manufacturer: Instron, Model: instron 5544



Vacuum sealer, Manufacturer: Weston, Model: PRO 2300

Isomet low speed saw, Manufacturer: Buehler, Model: 1280

Ultra-Sonication machine, Manufacturer: Branson, Model: 2800

Microcentrifuge, Manufacturer: HARMLE, Model: Z216M

38- Equipment name: Microscale, Manufacturer: ALERT SCIENTIFIC, Model: BM-20

Water bath, Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific, Model: Isotemp 210

Centrifuge, Manufacturer: Eppendorf, Model: centrifuge 5430

Light Inverted microscope (connected to a computer), Manufacturer: Olympus, Model: CKX41

Western-Blot film reader, Manufacturer: Parker X-Ray, Model: SRX-101A

Plasma machine, Manufacturer: Femto Science Inc, Model: CUTE MPR

CO2 incubator, Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific, Model: Heracell VIOS 160i

Microcentrifuge, Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific, Model: IEC CENTRA CL2

Microcentrifuge, Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific, Model: IEC CENTRA CL2

Cell Culture Hood, Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific, Model: 1300 SERIES A2

4 C fridge, Manufacturer: American BioTech Supply, Model: ABT-LS-47

-20 C Freezer, Manufacturer: American BioTech Supply, Model: ABT-MFS-20

Multi-tasks copying machine: XEROX, Model: S1811