Dr. Kevin Lo and REM Students Attend Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference in STEM

ERN Conference


Dr. Kevin Lo and REM students attended the annual Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Washington D.C. this past weekend. The conference is for undergraduate and graduate students who participate in programs funded by the NSF HRD Unit, including underrepresented minorities and persons with disabilities.

The objectives of the conference are to help undergraduate and graduate students to enhance their science communication skills and to better understand how to prepare for science careers in a global workforce. The 2-1/2 day conference includes student poster and oral presentations.

About the REM Students- The Research Experience and Mentoring (REM) program aims to mentor students from diverse backgrounds to prepare them for careers in STEM-related disciplines. The program recruits high school students, undergraduate students, and teachers in professional development to provide them with skills including communications, scientific writing, and collaboration, while providing a high quality research experience.

Each summer, participants in the REM program are welcomed at UConn Health for research training. Participants learn the basic aspects of research including research problem identification, experimental design, and execution. Our laboratories have researchers at all levels (post-docs, grad students, undergraduate and faculty members) so there is an opportunity to learn from a variety of scientists.