Dr. Ruano Presents at the CT Forum on DNA Testing and Genomic Medicine

Dr. Gualberto Ruano, Assistant Director of Special Projects at The Connecticut Convergence Institute, was recently invited to present at the CT Legislative Forum on DNA Testing and Genomic Medicine. The forum took place at the CT Legislature on January 23rd. Amongst various leading names in medicine, Dr. Ruano represented UConn Health and discussed precision pain management with genetic clinical decision support.

During this forum, the topics of interest were:

  • How are genetic tests, genomic medicine and precision medicine changing the landscape of healthcare?
  • How can healthcare professionals ensure equal access, treatment, privacy and safety for patients’ health and health data using genomic and precision medicine?
  • What are best practices, if any?
  • What role does the state have in the ethical, legal, and social implications of testing and genomic and precision medicine?


  • Researchers from Yale, UConn, The Jackson Laboratory
  • Clinicians from UConn/UCH, Hartford Healthcare and others
  • Patients and Consumers
  • Representatives of genetic testing companies including 23andMe and SEMA4
  • Genetic Counselors from My Gene Counsel and others
  • Payor organizations including Anthem, CIGNA and DSS
  • Health Data Managers from Office of Health Strategy, YNHH and UCONN Health
  • Experts on the bioethics of testing