Parkville Senior Center Exceeds JUMP Expectations

Parkville Fitbit Award


Over the past month members of the Parkville Senior Center in Hartford, CT have joined the JUMP movement! At the program’s inception, participants were given pedometers to track their step count, and return each week to record their achievements. The group was also notified that at the end of the month, the person with the highest step count will be awarded a Fitbit!

Last Friday, Dr. Helen Wu and Michelle Slivinsky of the CT Convergence Institute tallied up the points to see who took the lead. The results impressed and inspired us all. An energetic participant named Thu Hong Luu exceeded the team’s expectations. With over 260,000 steps over the course of the past month, she was walking approximately 10,000 steps per day! Thu was very grateful for her new Fitbit and disclosed that this new tool will help keep her motivated and push every day to maintain her step count and stay healthy!