The CT Convergence Institute Hosts Health Café on Master’s Program in Clinical and Translational Research

11.22 Health Cafe


On Friday, November 22nd The Connecticut Convergence Institute hosted a Health Café on the Master’s Program in Clinical and Translational Research. Program leadership, Dr. Cato Laurencin and Dr. Howard Tennen provided an overview, admission criteria, a layout of the course of study and discussed the benefits of joining. In addition, program graduates, Drs. Adam Matson and Christopher Morosky shared their career progression and how their futures were brightened by graduating from the program.

The Master’s program in Clinical and Translational Research is designed to prepare health care professionals with the academic and research skills needed to be independent researchers. The program focuses on the preparation of individuals with established, terminal degrees in a health related field to conduct independent research in the translation of information from the basic sciences to the community. Graduates are prepared to fulfill roles as researchers, teachers, public health administrators, clinicians, and industry employees competent to carry out the broad health mission of the State of Connecticut.

We would like to thank the Aetna Foundation for making this event possible.