CICATS Congratulates Former Research Assistant Yu-Bo Wang

This August, former CICATS Research Assistant Yu-Bo Wang will become assistant professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Clemson University. Dr. Wang credits his experience at CICATS for shaping his career path.

“In June of 2012 I received one of the best birthday gifts in my life from Professor Grady, Director of CICATS Biostatistic Center,” said Dr. Wang. “It was an email offering a research assistant position in CICATS. Till today, I still remember that excitement when seeing his message. This unique 4-year experience (2012-2016) enriched my Ph.D. life and keeps influencing my road of research for good. I benefited greatly from the consulting skills and attitudes that Professor Grady taught me. During this period, I was exposed to different applications of statistics and was trained to work independently with physicians. Additionally, CICATS staff are incredibly kind and always gave me good advice when I faced difficulty. CICATS was my leaping point and without that experience I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

Everyone here at CICATS wishes him the best of luck at his new position.