Biomedical Entrepreneurship Course- Fall 2018

CICATS CEO Dr. Cato Laurencin is a co-director of the Biomedical Entrepreneurship Course taking place during the Fall of 2018.

Course Details:

  • The course will be held Wednesdays, 3:00-6:00 p.m. at the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 222 Pitkin Street, East Hartford
  • The course is presently offered only in the Fall semester.
  • Application (available on this page) is required before registration.
  • 3-credit course.
  • The course is cross-listed in the Schools of Engineering (BME 6086-020) and Business (BADM 5894-011 and MGMT 5895-012).

Teams will be coached by industry experts who address fundamental topics in biomedical entrepreneurship. Students will gain experience that will help them be entrepreneurs in startups or with established firms. Projects will be presented to external experts and teams will be considered for subsequent awards/funding.

This course is designed for graduate students or very advanced undergraduates. It represents a multi-disciplinary effort between the Schools of Engineering, Business, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Liberal Arts and Sciences and will be co-taught by expert faculty from these schools. Interdisciplinary teams will tackle real clinical needs to offer technical solutions and business models that might enable future commercialization.

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