Featured Fellow of the Institute for Regenerative Engineering: Dr. Kevin Wai Hong Lo

Dr. Kevin Wai Hong LoDr. Lo is a fellow who’s been in my team since 2008. He was born in Hong Kong and received his Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Dr. Lo’s research interests include musculoskeletal tissue engineering, drug delivery, regenerative medicine, biomaterials, biochemistry, and cell molecular biology. Dr. Lo has been an outstanding fellow and it’s been great to have the opportunity to mentor him. His research contributions are reflected in his nineteen papers published in high-impact journals which have been highly cited by other investigators. Dr. Lo submitted several grant applications to funding agencies and two of the applications were recently funded. Dr. Lo also serves as an independent reviewer for a number of international peer-review journals.

Specific areas of Dr. Lo’s interest include:
1. Develop bone-inducing small molecules for bone regenerative engineering.
2. Develop targeted drug delivery system for osteoporosis.
3. Evaluate the therapeutic potential of using molecular motors as nano-scale motor vehicles to deliver drugs and/or genes intracellularly.
4. Investigate the signaling pathway mechanism underlying bone regeneration in cells and tissues.