MPH Student Profiles

Lisa Abbagnaro

Name: Lisa Abbagnaro

Degree: B.S. Health Science, Minor in Psychology, University of Hartford (2015)

Advisor: Julie T. Robison, PhD

Year Admitted: 2016

I enjoy cooking, reading, traveling, and spending time with my friends and family.

Kathryn Bentivegna

Name: Kathryn Bentivegna

Degree: B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology, Minor Physiology and Neurobiology, UConn (2016)

Goals: My immediate goal is to graduate with my MPH degree! I will be attending medical school next fall, and my ultimate goal is to work as a pediatric physician with a research focus in injury prevention. As a public health advocate, I hope to improve healthcare systems capacity to screen and provide services to victims of intimate partner violence and child maltreatment.

Advisor: Amanda J. Durante, PhD, MSc

Year Admitted: 2016

I am currently employed as a research assistant at the Injury Prevention Center (IPC) at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. At the IPC, my research areas of interest include pediatric choking prevention and the topic of dual arrests for intimate partner violence victims. In collaboration with the IPC, I am also completing my thesis on surveillance of child sexual abuse in Connecticut Emergency Departments.

In addition, I have a strong interest in the intersection of health communication and healthcare price transparency. During my undergraduate degree, I interned with the Internal Medicine Department at UConn Health and developed a project using the communication assessment tool (CAT) to evaluate patient-clinician communication and provide valuable feedback to clinicians. I also recently completed my practicum with the Office of the Healthcare Advocate along with the CT Choosing Wisely Collaborative, an initiative aimed at promoting high-value care through patient-clinician conversation.

Outside of school, I love long-distance running, boxing, yoga/meditation, spending time with my friends and family, and traveling.

Lauren Branche

Name: Lauren Branche

Degrees: B.S. Psychology, Tufts (2010), M.S. Biomedical Science, Tufts School of Medicine (2014)

Goals: My goal is to earn an MD/MPH degree.

Advisor: Jane Ungemack, DrPH

Year Admitted: 2016

My major interest is in Health disparities. I enjoy going to the theater, drawing, and painting.

Adam Chess

Name: Adam Chess

Degrees: B.A. Philosophy, Manhattan College. M.A. Philosophy, Fordham University.

Goals:  My career goals are to develop my data analysis skills and work as a healthcare data analyst. Possibly a statistics/biostatistics Masters or PhD someday. I believe that there are new modeling techniques out there which public health (and healthcare generally) could benefit from adopting - I want to make that happen.

Advisor: Amanda Durante, PhD, MSc

Year Admitted: 2016

I did my practicum with CHCACT working with Optimus healthcare on a predictive modeling project predicting patient no-show. I have also designed and done the preliminary work on a study evaluating the efficacy of personalized music therapy in a long-term care environment. My thesis is evaluating the efficacy of the ASSIST screening tool for substance use in terms of treatment entry prediction. So overall my work-related interests are study design, research, data analysis, data science, and substance use research, especially Opioids.

I enjoy playing and occasionally designing weird indie board games, playing and occasionally running role-playing games, and reading/listening to sci-fi stories/podcasts. I like working on interesting data projects - especially prediction modeling and forecasting. If you've got something like that feel free to contact me (or if you need another player for your RPG).

no picture available

Name: Alexis Cordone

Degrees: B.S. Biology and B.A. Religious Studies, UConn (2014)

Goals: My career goal is to become a doctor and work to help improve access to care by eliminating health disparities.

Advisor: Jane Ungemack, DrPH

Year Admitted: 2016

I am also enrolled in the MD program. My interests include health disparities, social determinants of health, and people with disabilities. I enjoy learning about medicine, making ice cream, and being outdoors.

Jake Cyr

Name: Jake Cyr

Degrees: B.S. Public Health, Southern Connecticut State University (2016)

Goals: My goal for the near future is to become a sanitarian for a local health department

Advisor: Amanda J. Durante, PhD, MSc

Year Admitted: 2016

During my undergraduate career, I was an intern at the Community Health Network of Connecticut Foundation (CHNCT Foundation) in Wallingford. I helped with the logistics of their KHAIR program. KHAIR is a program designed to assist youth with low self-esteem. On Saturdays, I would assist participants during the workshops. There were several unique workshops in the program such as ‘how to professionally dress’ and ‘dinner table etiquette’. As a graduate student, I am now interning at the Plainville-Southington Regional Health District. My work at this health department revolves around opioid addiction. I do research and find statistics that are important to the opioid crisis in America. I examine facts and statistics on the crisis in order to determine which interventions are working and can be considered effective.

I love to create! Art is a passion of mine. I am proficient in Photoshop and similar applications. If you need someone to design a pamphlet or brochure, I am definitely someone to go to!

Aniella Fignon

Name: Aniella Fignon

Degree: B.A. Anthropology, Human Rights, UConn

Goals: My ultimate dream would be to land a fellowship working at a nonprofit legal or health organization that would allow me to develop and implement a Medical-Legal Partnership.

Advisor: Zita Lazzarini, JD, MPH

Year Admitted: 2016

I was a Medical-Legal Partnership Intern at the Center for Children’s advocacy (CCA) in Hartford, CT during the summer 2017. I was the Family Wellness Center (FWC) Program Coordinator and Project Manager & Administrative Assistant at Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC) in Middletown, CT (2014-2017). My extracurriculars include member of Public Interest Law Group, Event Coordinator at Veterans and Armed Forces Legal Outreach, Themis Bar Review Representative, Fundraising Coordinator at the Student Animal League Defense Fund, and Policy Co-Chair at the Health Interest Law Group. My interests include hiking and scenery, cats, and podcasts.

Alyssa Gilbert

Name: Alyssa Gilbert

Degree: B.S. Health Science Studies, Quinnipiac University (2012)

Goals: To use my MPH degree to work in infectious disease epidemiology or substance abuse.

Advisor: Amanda J. Durante, PhD, MSc

Year Admitted: 2016

Anna Larson

Name: Anna Larson

Degree: B.A. Anthropology, Minor Psychology, UConn (2015)

Goals: Hospital Administration and infection control

Advisor: David Banach, MD, MPH

Year Admitted: 2016

I currently work as the hiring manager for the state of Connecticut at ScribeAmerica, a contractor that partners with medical groups to pair doctors with medical scribes to help with charting.

Shahzor Makhdoom

Name: Shahzor Makhdoom

Degree: B.A. Biology, UConn

Goals: I want to work as an epidemiologist in the northeast (hopefully MA) where public health started and make a change in the state and community that I live in.

Advisor: David Gregorio, PhD, MS

Year Admitted: 2016

I have experience in research in endocrinology and studied diabetes. I have also worked on data collection and analysis for the CT Department of Public Health. I have a strong passion for epidemiology and believe that what people do in the health field is essential. Health professionals like doctors, nurses, etc. save lives on a daily basis. Professionals in public health help with prevention and control if anything were to happen. I see public health professionals helping thousands to millions of lives with their studies and practices. I have also shadowed an epidemiologist and seen the type of work they do and how much they contribute to society. I've also done research on regionalization and have seen how to improve CT's public health system.

I like to play sports, play video games, snowboard, skateboard, go out with friends, traveling, and having casual conversations. I love animals (looking to get a dog soon), and I just love surrounding myself with good people. I'm excited to graduate soon and help make a difference.

Kathleen McHugh

Name:  Kathleen McHugh

Degree:  B.S. Allied Health Science, UConn (2016)

Goals:  After completing my MPH it is my goal to work in epidemiology at the local or state level. After gaining some experience in the field I may consider returning to school to pursue a PhD.

Advisor:  Amanda J. Durante, PhD, MSc

Year admitted:  2016

I entered the MPH program with a focus on health education and health promotion, however through my coursework and other opportunities my interests have shifted towards epidemiology and health disparities. During my first year in the MPH program I held a graduate assistant position in the Alcohol and Other Drugs Office on the Storrs campus where I was responsible for implementing evidence-based risk reduction interventions for high risk students. This year I am a graduate assistant in the Graduate Office. I also have experience in data collection, analysis, and program evaluation through my work with the Hartford BMI Project and various positions with Husky Nutrition, including my practicum for this semester.

Outside of work and school and I enjoy fitness, travel and artisanal donuts.

Brianna Munoz

Name:  Brianna Munoz

Degrees: Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry: UConn Pediatric Dentistry Residency Program (expected May 2018); DMD: UConn School of Dental Medicine (2016); B.A. Chemistry, B.S. Biology, Minor Dance: Providence College (2012)

Goals: My ambition is to pursue a career as a pediatric dentist while advocating on behalf of pediatric oral health within the community.

Advisor:  Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH

Year admitted:  2016

During my time in dental school, I conducted novel research through the UCHC Summer Research Fellowship Program and had the honor of presenting these findings at the Hinman Student Research Symposium, IADR, Yankee Dental Congress, and the New England Science Symposium. Based on scholastic as well as altruistic endeavors, I was inducted into the Phi Chi Chapter of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society and was a recipient of the Provost’s Outstanding Senior Woman Academic Achievement Award, the Pierre Fauchard Academy Academic Achievement Award in the Profession of Dentistry, the Special Care Dentistry Award for Achievement in Dental Care for Disabled Persons, and the Dean’s Award. I directed the Special Smiles Program for Healthy Athletes at Special Olympics as President of the Pediatric Interest Group, served as a Board Member for the South Park Inn Homeless Shelter, taught weekly health classes to fifth grade students through Hartford Health Education, coordinated the Connecticut Child Identification Program, and volunteered for countless other organizations. As part of a dental service trip, I worked on a team with the Friendship and Oral Health Program to provide comprehensive oral care to the indigenous Huilo-Huilo community in Neltume, Chile. It was this experience which opened my eyes to the plight of oral health care disparities and incited my interest in public health. Although the unequal distribution of health care plagues the indigenous people of Neltume, Chile, this public health issue also pervades society much closer to home.

In bringing to fruition my commitment to service and research, I am the first UConn resident to have been accepted to the Combined Pediatric Dentistry Certificate and Masters of Public Health Program. As a full-time pediatric dental resident and part-time MPH student, I must balance working in the dental clinic, taking calls in the emergency department, fulfilling responsibilities in the OR as chief, completing residency courses in dental science, and taking MPH classes at night. Although these past few years have been challenging, pursuing a public health degree has enabled me to carry forth a deeper understanding of my patient population with the goal of promoting oral health and preventing disease for all children irrespective of their race, ethnicity, or income level.

Outside of work, I enjoyed working as a Zumba Instructor throughout dental school. I also like to dance, model, try new restaurants, and show my support for the best team in the AFC as a former New England Patriots cheerleader.

Luis Pantoja

Name: Luis Pantoja

Degrees: B.S. Biological Sciences, UConn (2010)

Goals: I strive to one day be a Health Director in the state of Connecticut.

Advisor: Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH

Year Admitted: 2016

I was born in Utuado, Puerto Rico. I am currently working on my thesis, Barriers to Mammography Screening, in conjunction with Hartford Hospital's mobile mammography clinic. In addition, I am Central Connecticut Health District's Health Educator as well as a part-time professor at Central Connecticut State University in the Biomolecular Sciences department.

Mariam Poonnose

Name: Mariam Poonnose

Degree: B.S. Biological Sciences, UConn (2016)

Goals: My goal is to earn my MPH/MPA degree.

Advisor: Bonnie McRee, PhD, MPH

Year Admitted: 2016

Ambika Sharma

Name: Ambika Sharma

Degree: B.S. Nutritional Science, UConn

Goals: To use my DMD/MPH to create policies expanding affordability and access to oral healthcare.

Advisor: Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH

Year Admitted: 2016

Lina Smith

Name: Lina Smith

Degree: B.A. Sociology, Wheaton College, MA (2012)

Advisor: Richard Stevens, PhD

Year Admitted: 2016

I currently work in the UConn School of Medicine coordinating first- and second-year medical school courses.

Adekemi Suleiman

Name: Adekemi Suleiman

Degrees: M.B.B.S, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, (2001). Fellow West African College of Physicians (FWACP) (2010)

Goals: Earn my MPH degree. Develop my research skills and participate in Public Health research.

Advisor: Stephen L. Schensul, PhD

Year Admitted: 2016

I had my undergraduate degree in Medicine and my residency training and fellowship in Family Medicine. I later developed an interest in Public Health, hence my decision to pursue an MPH.

My areas of interest are mental health, particularly adolescent mental health; global health and infectious disease epidemiology. I hope to engage in research in these areas in the future. Steps in this direction include my present internship with the Central Connecticut Health District, engaging in data verification and analysis and the epidemiological study of transmission and prevention of tick-borne diseases. I'm also assisting in research work in the Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at UConn Health, and working on my thesis titled "Effect of family structure on adolescent mental health in the U.S.".

I enjoy reading, cooking, watching movies and spending time with my family.

Cassandra Therriault

Name: Cassandra Therriault

Degree: B.A. International Studies, Stonehill College

Goals: In the next five year I hope to secure a position in the Public Health field working with low income communities and focusing on access to healthy food and food insecurity. I do plan to become certified in Public Health as well and hope to become a Director of some capacity in a health department or nonprofit organizations in the years to come!

Advisor: Helen Swede, PhD

Year Admitted: 2016

For the last four years I have work with UConn Husky Sport, a community-campus partnership in the North End of Hartford. My day to day activities include teaching K-4 students about healthy lifestyles, nutrition and physically, and transferable life skills, creating and coordinating the nutrition curriculum for k-4 students and managing a literacy skill development program for elementary students! I also had the privilege of being an AmeriCorps Public Ally in Hartford for two years before entering the MPH program and still have many connections with the organizations and families I worked with during that time. Creating meaningful relationships with the community has made me a better public health practitioner and a has taught me a lot about the community and the health realities faced on a daily basis. In 2016 I was awarded the Goodspeed-Pfriem Award for building healthier and safer communities in Connecticut by the Regional Youth and Adult Substance Abuse Project for my work in the North End community with youth as well.

For the last three years I have worked for UConn's Global Training and Development Institute that welcomes international students from over 15 countries to campus three times a year to learn about social entrepreneurship and create their own social change projects. I am a mentor and Residential Director for this program!

Additionally I am the current President of the Public Health Student Organization for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Precious Baker

Name:  Precious Baker

Degree: B.S. Health Science, Public Health, Minor in Gender Studies, Eastern Connecticut State University (2017)

Goals: My career goal is to graduate with my MPH and become a physician.

Advisor:  Helen Swede, PhD

Year admitted:  2017

I currently work in an Emergency Department as a Patient Care Technician and I have a desire to continue working in the emergency medicine environment. I have a strong public health interest in environmental health and its relationship to health disparities. Clinically, I have a passion for emergency medicine, preparedness, disaster, and relief efforts.

I enjoy volunteering, TED Talks, PB & J sandwiches, traveling, and outdoors activities.

no picture available

Name:  Ramon Bieri

Degree: A.S. Human Biology and B.S. Kinesiology, San Diego State University

Goals: I hope to utilize my degree in the field of public health to develop and facilitate programs, policies and interventions towards universal healthcare access in the US.  I feel there are public policies yet to be developed that provide meaningful effects to reduce chronic disease that are more cost effective and allow for broader access to communities in need.

Advisor:  Audrey R. Chapman, PhD, Mdiv, STM

Year admitted:  2017

I currently work at the Hospital for Special Care as a Kinesiotherapist working with adults with disabilities and disease management.

I enjoy skiing, hiking, gardening and hanging out with daughters. I also volunteer on my local Board of Finance and town government.

Kirsten Carew

Name: Kirsten Carew

Degrees: B.S./B.A. Boston University (1989)

Goals: My goals are to graduate with an MPH by 2020 and obtain a position working in research and study of the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Advisor: Helen Swede, PhD

Year Admitted: 2017

I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, exploring the national parks, going to the beach, and skiing.

Michael Craven

Name: Michael Craven

Degree: B.S Pathobiology, Minor Molecular Cell Biology UConn.

Goals: I would like to work as an Epidemiologist.

Advisor: Amanda Durante, PhD, MSc

Year Admitted: 2017

I am a CPHA Member. I enjoy hiking and woodworking.

Mauro Diaz-Hernandez

Name: Mauro Diaz-Hernandez

Degree: B.A. Anthropology and Sociology, Amherst College (2014)

Goals: My goal is to graduate from the MPH program by 2020. I am interested in the intersections between public health, climate change, environmental health, and health disparities, especially in coastal communities in the Gulf Coast region.

Advisor: Jennifer M. Cavallari, ScD

Year Admitted: 2017

I volunteer with the American Red Cross as a disaster responder. I am a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and am working towards a leadership position in the Marine Environmental Protection division.

I enjoy traveling, photography, fishing, and cooking. I am a firm believer that New Orleans, LA is the best city on Earth and that summer clam and blue crab boils are the best way to meet new people - MPH students and staff are always welcome to join in!

Nina Franzen

Name: Nina Franzen

Degree: B.S. Biological Sciences (2017)

Advisor: Jennifer Cavallari, ScD

Year Admitted: 2017

I'm very interested in how climate change affects public health! I like to cook, eat, and read.

no picture available

Name: Daniel Madden

Degree: B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology, UConn (2014)

Goals: My goal is to graduate with an MD/MPH and match into an emergency medicine residency program.

Advisor: Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH

Year Admitted: 2017

I have a background in providing health education to college students. Currently, I am working with the Greater Hartford Harm Reduction Coalition helping them provide education to injection drug users on ways that they may have a safer experience.

I enjoy rock climbing.

Ashley Mills

Name: Ashley Mills

Degrees: B.A. Human Development & Family Studies and B.A. Psychology, UConn (2016). Certified Family Life Educator, National Council on Family Relations (2016). Completed studies, Multicultural Psychology, Umbria Institute, Perugia, Italy (2015).

Goals: Graduate with an MPH and MSW by December 2018 and obtain social work licensure within earliest date. Participate in research/teaching abroad. Obtain a clinical social work position working with individuals who have disabilities in a community based healthcare or academic setting.

Advisor: Nicholas Gelbar, PhD

Year Admitted: 2017

I currently work as a strategy instructor in the Center for Students with Disabilities (UConn, Storrs). I have additional experience working with individuals with disabilities (at Horizons, Inc. Health Center, Windham, CT). I am currently an Urban Health Scholar (UConn Urban Service Track Program) and was a participant in the LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental & Related Disabilities Program at the UCEDD, 2016-2017). I have volunteered as a Transitional Care Advocate as research involved with the Center for Correctional Health Networks (January 2017-May 2017). I have presented research on Obesity Prevention at the Obesity Society Conference in Los Angeles, California (November 2015).

Outside of school/work, I enjoy rock climbing, outdoor obstacle courses, and making cross-cultural connections while traveling.

Natalie Moore

Name: Natalie Moore

Degrees: M.D. UConn (2014), B.S. Elon University (2009)

Advisor: Jane Ungemack, DrPH

Year Admitted: 2017

I went to UConn for medical school and Baystate for Emergency Medicine residency. I am working as a physician at UConn in the Emergency Department. I am also doing a fellowship in International Disaster Medicine.

I love traveling and plan to volunteer for a humanitarian agency doing medical work internationally. I love any outdoor activity especially skiing, snowboarding, hiking, snowshoeing, and rock climbing.

Robert Romano

Name:  Robert (Bobby) Romano

Degree: B.S. Sports Biology, minor in Nutrition, Springfield College, MA (2014).

Goals: While earning my MD, I plan to take an enrichment year to develop heart failure screening tools using human tissue models.

Advisor:  Jane Ungemack, DrPH

Year admitted:  2017

I took two years between college and medical school to perform biomedical research in molecular medicine and coach my three younger brothers in high school football, as the offensive coordinator and strength & conditioning coach. I played college football at Springfield College where I studied biomedical sciences. I am very interested in a career in biomedical research as a physician.

I enjoy backpacking in national parks and traveling. I also enjoy jazz and live music.

Sorna Sarker

Name: Sorna Sarker

Degrees: B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology and Philosophy, UConn (2017).

Goals: In the fall of 2018, I will be beginning the dental program at UConn Health. In the next few years, I hope to earn both my DMD and MPH and pursue a career in community health dentistry.

Advisor: David Gregorio, PhD, MS

Year Admitted: 2017

I am currently an AmeriCorps member working with the Eastern CT Area Health Education Center in Willimantic, CT. My service involves health education and health promotion, which are two things that I am very passionate about.

I enjoy attending plays, going to yoga and zumba classes, and spending time with my family and friends.

Cassandra Setzler

Name: Cassandra (Cassy) Setzler

Degrees: B.A. Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies, UConn (2012)

Goals: Earn my MPH degree, CHES, and AASECT certification.

Advisor: Amanda J. Durante, PhD, MSc

Year Admitted: 2017

I am a full-time staff member at the Department of Wellness and Prevention Services at the University of Connecticut on the Storrs campus. During my day-to-day, I present on the topics of sexual health and stress management, co-supervise our peer education group, the UConn Sexperts, and manage the department’s social media outreach.

Ruth Shefraw

Name: Ruth Shefraw

Degree: B.A. Urban and Community Studies, UConn (2016)

Goals: Graduate with an MPH. Participate in a community health promotion, and disease prevention based research abroad. Obtain a position as a community health outreach educator.

Advisor: Richard G. Stevens, PhD

Year Admitted: 2017

Outside of school/work life, I enjoy traveling, going to the theater and reading fiction books. I also like to volunteer at local community centers whenever possible.

no picture available

Name: Carolina Vicens-Cardona

Degree: B.S. Industrial Microbiology, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (2014)

Goals: My goal is to earn my MD/MPH degree.

Advisor: Jane Ungemack, DrPH

Year Admitted: 2017

Ashley Wiggins

Name: Ashley Wiggins

Degree: B.A. Psychology, UConn (2017)

Goals: My career goal is to work with the CDC or FEMA to try to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and improve preparedness for bioterrorism attacks and natural disasters.

Advisor: Zita Lazzarini, JD, MPH

Year Admitted: 2017

My passion of public health was stemmed from growing up learning about many chronic diseases that my family members have been diagnosed with. Preventing chronic and communicable diseases is a strong interest of mine. This interest has pushed me to finish my undergraduate degree a year early and pursue my Masters in Public Health here at the university.

I love to volunteer in the community with my sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and my athletic team, Women's Track and Field. I also love photography.

Leila Youssef

Name: Leila Youssef

Degree: B.A. Health Sciences, minor in Psychology, UConn (2016)

Goals: My goal for the next couple of years is to graduate with my MPH. I would love to start a career at the CT Department of Public Health, but I'm still exploring and open to different options.

Advisor: Richard Stevens, PhD

Year Admitted: 2017

During my breaks, I try to travel as much as I can and I really enjoy taking pictures of anywhere I go!

no picture available

Name: Stephanie Beron

Degree: B.A. with distinction in Political Science, minor in Global Citizenship.

Goals: My goal is to combine quantitative analytical applications with my academic and personal interest in human rights to develop evidence-based, culturally-aware approaches to collaborative, rights-based public health interventions—to make systems-level improvements that protect and extend fundamental rights with integrity and respect for the individual. Specifically, my areas of interest include the decriminalization and treatment of addiction; reproductive rights; and addressing the corporatization and privatization of our food and water systems.

Advisor: Angela Bermudez Millan, PhD

Year Admitted: 2018

I am currently also enrolled in UConn’s Master of Public Administration program, and the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Feminist Theory Graduate Certificate. I am a member of Pi Sigma Alpha.

My interests include social justice and human rights advocacy; food, cooking, and culinary competitions—my partner and I compete in (and have won!) regional chili competitions (we also binge-watch Top Chef when time allows); art; street art photography; culturally-immersive travel; exploring the outdoors with my dog, Stevie; snowboarding and really anything that involves adrenaline and adventure including free-diving with sharks!

Name Year Admitted Advisor
Brian Bielawiec 2016 Zita Lazzarini, JD,  MPH
Ashley Carducci 2016 Audrey R. Chapman, PhD, Mdiv, STM
Julie Christensen 2016 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
John Garcia 2016 Amanda J. Durante, PhD, MSc
Jameel Kassam 2016 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Cory Loftis 2016 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Adam Misiorski 2016 Amanda J. Durante, PhD, MSc
Jeffrey Necio 2016 Richard G. Stevens, PhD
Tommy Panyanouvong 2016 Audrey R. Chapman, PhD, Mdiv, STM
Katherine  Straka 2016 Mary E. Bruder, PhD
Nita Thapa-Chhetri 2016 Stephen L. Schensul, PhD
Chevaughn Wellington 2016 Stephen L. Schensul, PhD
Miryam Wilson 2016 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Danubio Blen 2017 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Mara Cuberos Guevara 2017 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Melinda Gomez 2017 Julie Robison, PhD
Willow Lake Joaquin 2017 David I. Gregorio, PhD, MS
Richika Makol 2017 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Jessica Malcolm 2017 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Mary Meinert 2017 Amanda J. Durante, PhD, MSc
Iwona Pawlukiewicz 2017 Bonnie G. McRee, PhD, MPH
Muhammad Razzaq 2017 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Emily Recalde 2017 Mary E. Bruder, PhD
Hunter  Smith 2017 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Ye Sun 2017 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Andrew Trinh 2017 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH
Sarah Tuniewicz 2017 Helen Swede, PhD
Maria Vallejos 2017 Angela Bermudez Millan, PhD
Andria Danielle Matthews 2018 Jane A. Ungemack, DrPH