Frequently Asked Questions

International Class

How many credits do you need for an M.P.H. degree?

The M.P.H. degree is a rigorous course of study requiring 48 credits. Part-time students enroll in two courses (six credits) per semester in order to complete the degree within four years. Full-time students (nine or more credits) per semester, typically require two years to complete the degree. Information on core and elective courses can be found on the M.P.H. Program Description page.

Is there an option for undergraduate students to earn an M.P.H. degree?

The UConn Master of Public Health (MPH) program offers a FastTrack (4+1 BA/BS -MPH) option for qualified students. The program allows students to complete their bachelor’s degrees in any UConn-approved discipline and the MPH degree within 5 years of their initial matriculation as undergraduates.

What is a Capstone Project?

A capstone project is the big project at the end of your coursework. It can either be a thesis, essay or a project approved by your major advisor. Specifics of the project are coming soon. Until then you can call the office at 860-679-1510 for an explanation and criteria of the project.

When do I fill out the Plan of Study?

A Plan of Study should be filled out after taking 12 to 18 credits. You may not know what electives you want to take but if you put down PUBH 497, “Graduate Seminar in Public Health,” it gives you many to choose from. If you take another course instead of the PUBH 497 courses, just fill out a “Request for Changes in Plan of Study” form. Change of Plan forms can be found on the Graduate School Forms page. This will be filled out after all your courses have been taken about the time you start your thesis or essay.

How do I fill out a Plan of Study?

See directions for completing plan of study.

What happens if I need to change a course from the ones on my Plan of Study?

You will need to fill out a request for changes in plan of study form, get signatures, and send into the M.P.H. office in triplicate with original signatures to be recorded and sent to the registrar’s office. Contact the M.P.H office for more information.

What is the difference between Advance Standing and Transfer of credit?

Explanations of both are found in the directions for completing plan of study. Advance Standing MUST have approval from the Director of the M.P.H. program BEFORE completing the Plan of Study.

Where do I put non-degree credits?

Six credits of non-degree can be placed under the black line. These will be counted in the total at the bottom.

What order do I put my courses under the black line?

Non-degree goes first; then, follow your transcript in chronological order.

What if I have more courses than space on the page?

You are allowed to use another page to list your courses.

Where do I find the Guidelines for a Thesis?

On graduate school website you will find Masters Thesis Guidelines. There is one difference: You will need four copies of your thesis with approval pages all signed with original signatures and on bond paper. One goes to the M.P.H. office for binding, and three go to the Registrar’s Office with approval pages and original signatures.

Where do I find the Guidelines for an Essay?

We are working on making specific guidelines for an essay but until then, you can read the guidelines for a thesis for margins, paper, and other formatting specifics. Also, you are required to have an approval page for your essay. After the advisor committee has approved the essay, have them sign an approval page which should be included in your essay. Hand one copy of the essay into the M.P.H. office to be placed in a binder and stored in their library.