Name Rank Email Appointment Areas of Interest
Aseltine, Robert Professor aseltine@uchc.edu Behavioral Science and Community Health Mental health, risk prevention, evaluation research
Babor, Thomas Professor babor@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Screening, diagnosis, early intervention, and treatment evaluation of alcohol and drug problems, and related cultural factors
Benn, Peter Professor benn@uchc.edu Genetics and Developmental Biology Clinical diagnoses of genetic disorders; cancer diagnosis and prognosis; cytogenetic testing
Bermudez-Millan, Angela Assistant Research Professor bermudez-millan@uchc.edu Division of Behavioral Sciences and Community Health, School of Dental Medicine and Community Medicine and Health Care, School of Medicine Social determinants of health, specifically food insecurity
Buckley, Thomas Assistant Clinical Professor thomas.e.buckley@uconn.edu Pharmacy Health disparities impact on access to care; medication adherence; medication therapy management outcomes
Burleson, Joseph Associate Professor burleson@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Alcohol and other substance abuse prevention and treatment, research design and analysis
Cavallari, Jennifer Assistant Professor cavallari@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Occupational and environmental epidemiology and exposure
Chapman, Audrey Professor achapman@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Medical ethics
Dugan, Alicia Assistant Professor adugan@uchc.edu Medicine Lifestyle practices that influence workers health; research to develop effective interventions and identifying factors that determine the successful communication, uptake and widespread use of evidence-based health interventions in real world settings
Durante, Amanda Assistant Professor durante@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Infectious disease surveillance and control; disaster preparedness and response; health needs assessment and health improvement planning; public health workforce development
Fortinsky, Richard Professor fortinsky@uchc.edu Medicine Cost and quality of health and social services for older adults, health of family caregivers, Medicare and Medicaid policy research, health outcomes research in geriatrics and gerontology
Grady, James Professor jgrady@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Application of statistical model building for correlated data; analysis of correlated and longitudinal data; application of general estimating equations; applications of met-analysis to individual patient data
Gregorio, David Professor gregorio@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Surveillance methods in cancer epidemiology
Lazzarini, Zita Associate Professor lazzarini@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Public health law, privacy, confidentiality, surrogate decision-making at end of life, HIV prevention (pregnant women and IV drug users), etc.
Robison, Julie Associate Professor jrobison@uchc.edu Medicine Long-term care, family caregiving, dementia, depression
Schensul, Stephen Professor schensul@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care AIDS risk in Mauritius and Sri Lanka; applied health research, community development and sexual risk
Stevens, Richard Professor bugs@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Cancer epidemiology and the possible role of iron overload, “circadian disruption” and its potential role in breast cancer
Swede, Helen Associate Professor hswede@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Cancer, biomarkers, disparities, molecular epidemiology
Tennen, Howard Professor tennen@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Stress, coping and adaptation; day to day adaptation to chronic illness and daily patterns and correlates of alcohol use
Ungemack, Jane Assistant Professor ungemack@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Health services research with a focus on substance abuse treatment and prevention
Wetstone, Scott Associate Professor wetstone@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Educational methodologies
Wu, Helen (Zhao) Assistant Professor zwu@uchc.edu Psychiatry Substance abuse, use and dependence; health disparity, risk behaviors for STIs


Name Rank Email Appointment Areas of Interest
Brown, Stacey Assistant Professor stbrown@uchc.edu Community Medicine and Health Care Social stratification with a concentration on race, ethnicity, gender and class, adolescent health, multicultural health and culturally competent health care
Covault, Jonathan Associate Professor covault@uchc.edu Psychiatry Neurobiology of schizophrenia, clinical application of biologic and genetic markers in schizophrenia, psychiatric genetics
Fifield, Judith Professor fifield@uchc.edu Family Medicine Factors that influence changes over time in social and physical functioning in chronic disease
Ford, Julian Professor jford@uchc.edu Psychiatry Assessment and psychotherapy of posttraumatic stress disorder, emotion regulation, healthcare utilization, and ethnocultural factors
Kurz, Brenda Associate Professor brenda.kurz@uconn.edu Social Work Africa, Latino mental health, perinatal health, mental health in children
Pendrys, David Associate Professor pendrys@uchc.edu Medicine Oral epidemiology, cardiology
Petry, Nancy Professor npetry@uchc.edu Psychiatry Clinical research studies in addictive behaviors, including correlates and behavioral treatments of drug use disorders, and risk factors and treatments for problem gambling
Pfeiffer, Carol Professor pfeiffer@uchc.edu Medicine Clinical skills assessment
Rajan, T.V. Professor rajan@uchc.edu Pathology and Laboratory Lymphatic filariasis; role of oral tolerance in allergic disorders
Schemeiser, Susan Professor susan.schmeiser@
Law School Family law, sexuality, gender and the law, health law, mental health law, and criminal law
Thibodeau, Edward Assistant Professor thibodeau@uchc.edu Oral Health and Diagnostic Sciences Recruitment of dental healthcare professionals, workforce disparities in dentistry, stereotypes and dentistry


Name Email Courses Taught
Ahmed, Karim ahmed@ncseonline.org Environmental Impacts on Children’s Health
Blitz, William bblitz@ncdhd.org Public Health Agencies
Cartter, Matthew matt.cartter@po.state.ct.us Investigation of Disease Outbreaks
Coleman-Mitchell, Renee renee.coleman-mitchell
Maternal and Child Health, Policy and Programs in
Public Health
Ginsberg, Gary gary.ginsberg@ct.gov Toxicology
Kilbey-Fox, Pamela kilbeyfox@uchc.edu Health Administration and Practicum
Lapidus, Gary glapidu@ccmckids.org Injury and Violence Prevention
Love, Peter love@uchc.edu Disability and Public Health
Meehan, Thomas tmeehan@qualidigm.org Principles of Quality Improvement
Minor, Laura lsmomwife@aol.com Women, Public Health and Reproduction
Nevers, Joleen joleen.nevers@uconn.edu Health Education
Paturzo, Deb paturzo@uchc.edu SAS Programming and Data Management
Radda, Kim kim.radda@icrweb.org Introduction to Community Health Issues and Research
Schur, Paul paul.m.schur@snet.net Environmental Health
Wang, Honjgie wang@uchc.edu Public Health Informatics

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