Proper Use of The UConn Health REDCap Systems


The UConn Health REDCap system consists of two separate environments, Development (test/sandbox) and Production. The Development (test/sandbox) system is strictly used for design, development, testing, and training with simulated mock data. The Production system is used for live “real” data collection. These environments must be used as intended and live data collection and/or storage of “real” data is strictly prohibited in the Development system. Development system data will not be migrated to Production and will be deleted when your project is moved to Production.


REDCap users are only allowed to create a new project in the Development system. Projects titles in Development should be labeled with the prefix ‘Dev-‘. To migrate projects from the Development to the Production system the requester must click the ‘Move Project to Production’ button at the bottom of the Project Setup page. Once the REDCap administrator receives the request, a link to the online Project Deployment to Production Form will be sent to the requester. The requester will submit that form with any required information and IRB documentation to the REDCap administrator for approval. Please allow 5-10 business days for the move request to be approved and moved to Production.


Once a project is moved to Production, any further changes will need to be approved by the REDCap administrator before taking effect. Edits in Production will be permitted for minor/simple fixes, such as typos. Making major changes to a project that is in Production should only be done as a last resort. Major changes must be completed in Development, retested, and then updated in the Production system. Altering a project that is in Production and has data can cause data loss in some instances. If anything is questionable, you will receive an email from the administrator to confirm that you want to commit to the changes. The requester should be aware that changes to any variables might affect programmed calculations and/or branching logic. It is the responsibility of the requester to review and test all calculated fields and branching logic prior to submitting changes. The impact to these fields will NOT be tested by the REDCap administrator. Please allow 1-3 business days for your draft changes to be reviewed by a REDCap administrator.


REDCap is NOT to be used as a long-term storage or data repository beyond the active life of the project or study. The PI or a designated PA is responsible for exporting the collected data from their project to another long-term secure storage solution once data collection is complete. The PI or PA must ensure adherence to UConn Health Data Storage and Security Policies and File Requirements & Record Retention Requirements of the IRB, study sponsor, or federal agencies with oversight of the project. Once data has been exported and saved the PI or PA must archive the project by utilizing the archive feature under the ‘Other Functionality’ tab of the project. The archived projects and its data will be deleted from the Development and Production systems after 3 months from study completion and archive date.