Chaplaincy Program

Professional chaplaincy services are available to all patients receiving treatment and care at the Carole and Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Chaplains are available to serve patients and their families by providing spiritual and emotional support, prayer and pastoral counseling while always respecting patients' own cultural and religious beliefs and practices. At times, patients may wish to receive a pastoral visit from their own minister, priest, rabbi or leader of their own religious tradition and our chaplains are available to arrange such a visit. Every Sunday, Roman Catholic Eucharistic ministers offer Holy Communion throughout John Dempsey Hospital. At other times, Holy Communion is available by request. In addition, Bibles and other religious materials may be obtained through the Chaplain's Office.

The Murray-Heilig Chapel offers patients and others a serene environment in which to meditate, pray or reflect. This interfaith chapel is open at all times, and is located at the back of the hospital lobby, directly across from the Connucopia Gift Shop.

Contact Information

You may reach a chaplain by calling 860-679-3230, or by asking to have a chaplain paged.