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    NIMH Data Archive (NDA)

    The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Data Archive (NDA)

    "The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Data Archive (NDA) is an NIH-funded collaborative resource that contains harmonized human subjects research data and metadata from multiple research Data Repositories, providing a rare and valuable scientific resource. Access to shared record-level data in NDA is provisioned at the level of a Permission Group. NDA Permission Groups consist of one or multiple NDA Collections that contain data with the same subject data use consents and sponsorship requirements. An NDA Collection generally contains data associated with a single grant award.

    Data submitted to NDA have been stripped of all individual identifiers. However, the unique and intrinsically personal nature of clinical data, genomics data, brain imaging data, and other derivative data of which are included in these repositories, combined with new analytical methodologies and decreasing computing and storage costs, has altered the framework through which “identify-ability” can be defined. To protect and assure the confidentiality and privacy of all participants, all Recipients who are granted access to these data are expected to adhere to all terms of use outlined in this DUC.

    The NIH and NIMH seek to encourage the use of these resources to achieve rapid scientific progress. Moreover, NIMH has made data sharing a requirement for all clinical research it funds. In order to take full advantage of such resources and maximize their research value, it is important that data are made broadly available, on appropriate terms and conditions, to the largest possible number of qualified investigators in a timely manner." (OMB Control Number: 0925-0667, Expiration Date: 01/31/2024, Data Use Certification)

    Please follow the steps below to access and download data or specimen from the NDA.

    1. Complete the NDA and have it signed by the PI and all collaborating investigators .
    2. Submit the following documents to SPS:
      1. signed NDA;
      2. proof of IRB review (either an IRB approval letter or an IRB determination of “Not Human Subjects Research) per NDA Article 7; and
      3. data security plan (you may use this UConn/UConn Health template).
    3. SPS will add its Signing Official's signature to the DUA, which the PI can then submit to the NIMH to request access to the data.