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    dbGaP Data Request

    dbGaP (Database of Genotypes and Phenotypes) provides two level of access. While open-access data can be browsed online or downloaded without prior permission, controlled-access data can only be obtained after the requestor has been authorized by the appropriate Data Access Committee (DAC). Please follow these steps to access and download controlled-access dbGaP data.

    1. Request access to the controlled data sets from the appropriate dbGaP Data Access Committee (DAC):
    2. Download and complete the model Data Use Certification (DUC) for the controlled data set of interest:
      1. Visit the dbGAP site at
      2. Search for the study from which data are requested. For example, “joint addiction, aging, mental health” results in number of studies.
      3. Click on the linked study title of interest for instructions on how to download the model DUC and determine if IRB approval is required. Model DUC and IRB Requirements can be found under the “Study” tab in the “Authorized Access” section (as shown in screenshot).

      4. If IRB approval is required, complete and submit the form “dbGaP Access Request/dbGaP Access Assurance Form” found on the UConn Health IRB (for UCH faculty) or UConn Storrs IRB (UConn Storrs faculty)
    3. Complete the Data Security and Data Release Form (MS Word or PDF).
    4. Email the completed Model Data Use Certification, IRB Approval for dbGaP Data Access (if required), and Data Security and Data Release Reporting form to the AVP for Academic IT Services at Upon verification and approval of these documents, the AVP will issue a certification letter signed by him, the Institutional Chief Security Officer, and the Institutional Signing Official (SPS Director).