Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

UConn Health’s commitment to patient care is evident when viewed through the eyes of the patients themselves. Hear firsthand how people’s health and lives were changed because of the caring commitment of the providers at UConn Health. Then come experience it for yourself.

Lifestyle Medicine Program Helps Patient Lose 160 Pounds

Melissa Dzierlatka was tired of feeling invisible. Weighing more than 365 pounds, people would rarely look her in the eye when they passed her on the street. Along with her mental health, Melissa’s physical health was suffering. When she was diagnosed as borderline diabetic, she knew things had to change. That’s when she went to see physician assistant Bradley Biskup with Calhoun Cardiology’s Lifestyle Medicine Program. He helped Melissa lose weight, improve her health, and feel like herself again.

‘Awake’ Brain Surgery Uses Latest Technology to Preserve Patient’s Speech

After suffering a seizure at her local hair salon, Martha Walker ─ mother of three school-age children ─ was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The pecan-sized tumor was located dangerously close to her brain's speech and language center. Operating on Martha while she was awake and using the latest in brain mapping technology, UConn Health neurosurgeon Ryan Zengou was able to completely remove the tumor and save Martha's ability to talk and process language.

Vinnie's Journey Continues: Chapter 2

“I feel great!” Vinnie Jankowski is thrilled with the progress he’s made so far on his healthier lifestyle journey. The UConn Health surgical technician has lost a total of 30 pounds, his total cholesterol level has decreased from 186 to 147, and he’s lowered his blood pressure from 170/100 to 124/82. These dramatic improvements are potentially life-saving because it greatly reduces the constant pressure being placed on his heart due to an aortic aneurysm.

Rapid Treatment for Stroke Patient Leads to Positive Recovery

When Martha Crawford arrived at UConn Health’s emergency department, the physicians quickly determined she was having a stroke. They immediately treated her with a clot-busting medication that saved her life. UConn Health, a certified primary stroke center, offers complete care for patients like Martha. Not only fast treatment, but a team of doctors and therapists who help guide patients through the sometimes long recovery process.

Vinnie’s Journey: Chapter 1

UConn Health surgical tech Vinnie Jankowski needs your help. He’s suffering from a potentially life-threatening condition and it’s imperative that he lose weight and improve his blood pressure and cholesterol levels to mitigate his risk.

Our providers work hard every day to make a positive impact in the lives of our patients.

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