Appointment at Senior Rank, Promotion, and Tenure

The Office of Faculty Affairs is responsible for all issues related to appointment at senior rank, promotion, and tenure for School of Medicine faculty. The senior associate dean for faculty affairs serves as the liaison for faculty seeking promotion or tenure, and all questions regarding promotion or tenure should be directed to this office.

Junior Rank Promotions

Require endorsement by the chair and approval by the dean. These are performed on a rolling basis.

Appointments At and Promotions to Senior Rank

Go through the Senior Promotions and Appointments Committee (SAPC), which manages the review process and makes recommendations to the dean. Recommendations that are supported by the dean are forwarded to the provost for approval who in turn makes a final recommendation to the Board of Directors. Applications for promotions are due the first week of August of each year and the committee meets every two weeks from November to June. Approved promotions generally occur in September of the year following an application.


Connotes an institutional life-long commitment to a faculty member. Tenure-track faculty must be nominated for tenure by the end of the seventh year. Tenured faculty are reviewed every five years after the receipt of tenure. Policies regarding the post-tenure review process can be found in the Faculty Handbook.

Appendix B of the School of Medicine Bylaws

To review Appendix B of the School of Medicine Bylaws, see Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion to Senior Rank and/or Tenure.

SAPC Nomination Instructions, Documents, and Membership

For nomination instructions, as well as a list of documents required to support the deliberations of the SAPC and SAPC membership, see the SAPC page.


Faculty are advised to become familiar with the criteria for promotion and consult with their department chair and/or this office. Junior faculty should realize that development of an academic portfolio that merits promotion to senior rank and/or tenure requires several years. The office provides yearly workshops that review the criteria and process for appointments and promotions. View Upcoming Workshops.