Powerful Aging™

Powerful Aging is an exercise program for adults age 50 and older who are in generally good health. The program is designed to safely and effectively improve strength, endurance, mobility and coordination. We include strategies that will maintain your enthusiasm for an active lifestyle and incorporate simple dance movements that are designed to improve your concentration, balance, and sense of well-being.

Major Goals of the Program

  • Improve your strength
  • Improve your endurance
  • Improve your balance
  • Improve your sense of well-being and self-confidence
  • Have a great time with other men and women who share your goals

How Our Program Works

We encourage everyone interested in the program to come in and watch an exercise class before signing up. The exercise instructor then meets with the individual to go over any questions – and a physician release form is required prior to starting the program. The program offers men’s, women’s and co-ed, one-hour classes.

What's Different About Our Program?

Powerful Aging is an exercise program that is based on ten years of training older women and men at the UConn Center on Aging. We have listened to the many suggestions of our volunteers, and have selected the exercises that are safest and most effective in improving strength and mobility. Also, the program is great for those who have controlled coronary artery disease and other monitored medical conditions. Our program gives special attention to health issues – something many other exercise programs can’t offer.

Meet Our Instructors

Corinna Peters is the head instructor of Powerful Aging. She is certified in Nautilus Training and Dance and Movement from Central Connecticut State University. Ms. Peters is also a certified group exercise instructor. She has many years of strength, mobility and stability training in older adults.

Amy Gray, instructor for Powerful Aging, is a certified AFAA personal trainer and group exercise instructor. She is certified through the Arthritis Foundation to teach exercise, aquatics and tai chi. Ms. Gray is also certified as a SilverSneakers instructor for muscular strength, cardio circuit and yoga stretch and has years of experience in strength, flexibility and balance training.

Mary Carroll Root, instructor for Powerful Aging, has been certified as an ACE, AEA, AFAA, PACE and AIFI instructor. She is also a certified SilverSneakers (step, aqua, and chair), YogaFit, tai chi for osteoporosis, fall prevention and arthritis, advanced functional training and DSW special populations fitness trainer.

Prescription for Exercise

“The Powerful Aging program was developed and tested in nationally funded research studies at UConn Health. The exercises in Powerful Aging have been found to be effective and safe for hundreds of women and men. The program focuses on all parts of the body, but we really concentrate on your torso–the muscles that help your balance, your standing posture and your overall confidence in moving. The most important benefit is the lift in spirit and confidence that our members experience. You will be stronger, more agile and more flexible.”

– James E. Judge, M.D., Founder of the Powerful Aging Program